September 18, 2012

18th Birthday

September 9th was a very beautiful day, and it went exactly how I wanted it to be, pink cake with white flowers, having my amazing family around, pink flowers bouquet, and enjoying my time while sill being productive.
Even though I'm way far from home and my precious family and friends, it wasn't as bad as I thought it would be.
My lovely parents, sisters and brother surprised me with all of this (even though I told them what I wanted, it was still a surprise ;) ) It was a little yet cute celebration, I loved every bit of it! And at the end of the day, my little brother drew a heart on the envelope of my birthday card, he is such a cutie!
As you can see from the candles, I'm officially 18 now, aaand the worst cake cutter ever.
Hope you all have a wonderful year full of excitement and surprises!
Ayah B

August 2, 2012

Daily Face Care Routine

I know some of you may be wondering why I'm not posting as much, and it is because my dear mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer (Malignant), and so I had to be there for her and take care of her as well as help her with stuff, and a lot of other things were happening as well such as applying for university, taking exams, but let me not bore you with the details.

So, here are the products I use on my face, I've used lots of different products but these are my personal favorites that worked more than well with me!

First is the Estee Lauder eye cream, it is hands down the BEST eye cream I have ever tried! It promises to help with all of the eye area problems in 4 months, and it's been two weeks since I have been using it and the results are already showing!

The next cream is the VICHY Nutrilogie 2 face moisturizer, I've got very dry skin and so this helps by making it more of a normal skin type, its very rich in texture but if you use a small amount it doesn't make your face greasy or shiny. My skin stays moisturized even after washing it with water! I love it!

Now we'll move over to the Avene face cream, I don't use this anymore but I thought I'd talk about it. When I first applied it on one cheek it instantly gave it a healthy glow and became pink, I was amazed! But when it's on my face it's kind of heavy and doesn't absorb very well, but I mean after all it is the rich type! And when I wash my face it instantly returns to being dry, so I love it on rather than off of my skin, and I want something that'll help with my dry skin on the long run and not temporarily.

On my lips I use eos lip balm in Summer Fruit, and I also use Labello in the flavor Cherry for a little color, they're both great in keeping my lips moisturized.

The products:
Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye | 300 SR from Harvey Nichols
VICHY Nutrilogie 2  | 120 SR from Boots
Avene Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream | 110 SR from Boots
EOS Summer Fruit | I asked my cousins to get it for me from the US


June 19, 2012

To Buy List

1. They're so feminine and they make your feet look like a Disney Princess's feet; Christian Louboutin Pigalle Plato.
2. I don't usually wear lipstick, and if I do it would be sheer or in a light color; Yves Saint Laurent lipstick in Sensual Silk or Lingerie Pink.
3. After reading Ftoon's post about them, I wanted one immediately; Bath & Body Works candles.
4. I just simply need a new watch; Michael Kors watch.
5. Since I'm hopefully going to college, I think it's about time to get a new laptop, preferably a; Macbook Pro.
6. I've been searching everywhere for this movie and I still haven't found it, yet! ; Funny Face.
7. It seems interesting, maybe it is; The Alchemist.
8. I fell in love when I first set my eyes on it; Marc by Marc Jacobs bag.


June 1, 2012

My Favorite Perfumes

From the top:
Elie Saab
Eternity by Calvin Klien
Lola by Marc Jacobs
Wood Mystique by Estee Lauder

Here are some of my favorite perfumes, most of them were introduced to me by my mother, she has good taste in everything!
Eternity was an old favorite of mine, when I was a little girl I used to sneak up to my parent's bedroom and spray a little and run off. The smell carries such beautiful memories and even though it has a strong smell to it, it's somehow peaceful and fresh. I just love it! I only use it at home or when I feel like being simple and sophisticated.
As for Lola and Wood Mystique, they're originally my mother's but they magically moved to live in my room, weird huh? ;) I sometimes use Lola when I'm going to school or when someone is casually coming over, and Wood Mystique is always with me in my bag, I use it when I'm going out or when I'm going to a friend's house and sometimes in special occasions. (I actually use Tom Ford or Oud for special occasions, I guess I forgot to take pictures of them, oops).
And finally, Elie Saab! I fell in love when I first set my eyes on it, I just knew it was going to smell perfect and when I actually smelt it, it really was perfection! I just feel like a powerful and confidant woman when it's on me, it's beautiful! I use it everywhere! Except for school.

And as you can see, I use perfumes day, night, summer, winter without minding the soft or stong smell of the perfume, if I like it, I wear it.

Ayah B

May 24, 2012

Miu Miu plays with glitter, yet again!

Miu Miu presents its new Glitter Lamé pumps.
"The unique combination of ‘lamé’ leather and glitter, highlights the elegant pointed silhouette and retro feel of the pumps.
Finished by hand, the new Miu Miu Glitter Lamé pumps are available in gold and silver.
Available exclusively in the Milan via S. Andrea, London New Bond Street and Paris rue St. Honoré stores".

So elegant, so beautiful! I can not resist anything glittery or shiny, I think all girls can't! I just love how the design is simple and is not overwhelming the glitter that is on, it gives subtleness to the overall pumps.
And, it's DIYable ;)

Ayah B

May 4, 2012

Arizona Muse by Josh Olins for Vogue China

That's how I want to look like when I'm lost in the middle of the desert, or as it seems to be.
The photographer must be a genius, I don't know how he managed to take these outstanding photos with the harsh sunlight, it's not easy. So kudos to that!
And the styling, uh the styling.. I love! Never have I thought brown and white would go well together, or have I? Mother Nature has taught us well.
As the color white is indeed my favorite color, I can see it very often in this editorial, in the clothes and in the sand clashing against the beautiful blue sky with faded mountains right in between.
And we cannot forget the hair. What a modern hair cut! I'm thinking of getting this particular hair cut, though I don't think the majority of people (that I know, and not know as well) will approve of me chopping off my ridiculously long, brown locks, oh well.

Ayah B

April 29, 2012

Rêver de Palmiers

Nothing I love more than nature and fashion! Palm Trees are my favorite kinds of trees, they're so beautiful and exquisite! They make you feel calm & relaxed, and they sometimes make you feel young & free.
This season I spotted some designers, high street shops and boutiques embrace palm trees, and include them in their garments, which kind of makes them a trend, they just make an outfit so chill yet fun! I love them!
And so I dedicate this post to my favorite tree, Le Palm Tree.
First we'll see pretty pictures of palm trees,

And if you want to declare your love for palm trees, wear 'em!
Those are some of my favorite garments featuring my favorite tree,

And finally, a pretty dress to wear when standing next to a palm tree, modeled by Lindsay Lohan.

So I know I haven't posted anything for quit a while now, well I've got a good explanation for that!
I was so busy, I freezed! Yes, freezed!
Y'know when you've got a lot to do and don't know what to do first, and what to start with, so you just put your brain on pause and let the rest of your body do the ol'boring routine, yes.. That's what have been happening to me for the past couple of weeks, it was horrible. Hope none of you experience that.
But now I'm back on track, hopefully.

Ayah B