March 19, 2012

My favorite: Ankle Boots

I am sad to say that winter is over, I love winter for the hot chocolate, roasted chestnuts and of course the clothes! I adore boots, coats, polo neck jumpers, knits and all that winter jazz, it'll all be missed.
And so to say goodbye, I'll be showing you four of my favorite ankle boots, pay attention to the details 'cause that's what I love about them.

From the top,
Hand made from a Korean store in Toronto
Blugirl Blumarine
Marc by Marc Jacobs

Ayah B

March 10, 2012

Interview with Al-Jazi

Here's an interview with a sweet girl that bakes named Al-Jazi.
My sister first told me about her and showed me her YouTube channel, I was very inspired and was interested in featuring her in my blog, therefor I interviewed her.

Click HERE to view her YouTube channel
Click HERE for her twitter account

My favorite video of her's

Mmmm.. I just love hot chocolate!

Ayah B

March 6, 2012

Valentino Fall 2012 RTW

Valentino never fails to impress me, it's my favorite brand right after Marc Jacobs.
I love the whole collection, it was very simple and neutral. No over exposed skin, perfect length of hemlines and necklines, the colors were very easy to the eye for some dresses, and eye catching to the others.
I love how they choose simple silhouettes and focus on the details of the garment, from the embroidery to the lace work, at least that's whats Valentino is most famous for.

Here are some of my personal favorites from the collection,

Ayah B 

March 3, 2012

Alexander Wang Fall 2012 RTW Shoes

As I once said, I am obsessed with shoes, so whats best to post about other than shoes!
These Booties/Boots/Mary Jane's are from Alexander Wang's Fall collection.
I love the Gothic yet modern feel to them, the shape and design of the shoes are very clean and minimalist.
And the color pallet is beautiful for the Fall.
I love the little details like the little gold button, and the seam lines.