April 29, 2012

Rêver de Palmiers

Nothing I love more than nature and fashion! Palm Trees are my favorite kinds of trees, they're so beautiful and exquisite! They make you feel calm & relaxed, and they sometimes make you feel young & free.
This season I spotted some designers, high street shops and boutiques embrace palm trees, and include them in their garments, which kind of makes them a trend, they just make an outfit so chill yet fun! I love them!
And so I dedicate this post to my favorite tree, Le Palm Tree.
First we'll see pretty pictures of palm trees,

And if you want to declare your love for palm trees, wear 'em!
Those are some of my favorite garments featuring my favorite tree,

And finally, a pretty dress to wear when standing next to a palm tree, modeled by Lindsay Lohan.

So I know I haven't posted anything for quit a while now, well I've got a good explanation for that!
I was so busy, I freezed! Yes, freezed!
Y'know when you've got a lot to do and don't know what to do first, and what to start with, so you just put your brain on pause and let the rest of your body do the ol'boring routine, yes.. That's what have been happening to me for the past couple of weeks, it was horrible. Hope none of you experience that.
But now I'm back on track, hopefully.

Ayah B

April 7, 2012

Mood board

This board expresses my mood at the moment, all of these photos have some connection, even I don't know what the connection is, but it sure makes me want to go back in time and live in different era's, anywhere from the 50's till the 90's.
Even though the 90's wasn't too far ago, a lot of things have changed since then, which makes me desperately want to go back and re-live the 90's, except this time I want to be in my teen years.
I miss all of those Backstreet Boys and Spice Girl's songs, and Lisa Frank's school supplies, I'd do anything to go back.
Enough talking about how I miss the 90's.
I love the different patterns and colors in some of the outfits, they're not too colorful nor too crazy. The preppiness and perkiness vibes I get are endless. My favorite thing to do is to mix and match patterns, some people may think it's a huge nay, but I like to break rules, once you pull it off you'll look smashing!

Ayah B

April 1, 2012


And that is what Fahad Al Hejailan called his art exhibit, Nostalgia.
He painted face's.. Of women he knew to be exact, except there is only one painting that had a face of a boy, a ginger may I say, and another of a women's body, and those two paintings were the only different one's from the original theme.
Some of the faces were missing facial parts such as noses, mouths, or perhaps didn't have any facial parts at all, those faces are the ones he's trying to forget or is forgetting, as if his memory of them is fading away.
And some faces had strong features, and you feel like he painted them with confidence of what he's going for or what he's trying to paint, as if every brush stroke was meant to be where it is, and those faces are the one's he's not going to forget, those faces are the one's that'll rest in his memories for eternity, he must have had good memories with those certain human beings, and maybe it felt like home when he's in their company, and he misses those moments, and that's why Nostalgia is the best name for this exhibit.
He used different techniques and textures to his paintings, and some of them weren't painted on canvases, they were painted on some kind of hard wood, like the ones they make dressers with.
I love going to art galleries and examining paintings, it's fun trying to figure out the story behind every painting.
And so here are some of the photos I took whilst I was wandering around with my younger sister,

Ayah B