February 18, 2014

Saudi Design Week

Hello Beauties! Today I'm going to be talking about my SDW experience! On Feb 9th, my cousin and I went to Harvey Nichols for the launch of the vintage Chanel pop up shop and to watch the screening of Versalles '73 as well. Before we went to watch the documentary we first met and chatted with HRH Reema Bandar Al Saud, Sanaa Makary and the Harvey Nichols team. We also talked with the one and only Cameron Silver, he was such a charming man! 
We then went in to watch Versalle '73, it was such a breath taking experience to watch the documentary, you could actually feel like you were one of the audience there in 1973, a lovely feeling indeed! In the theatre there were some delicious cookies, muffins and cupcakes all baked by Rabat Manzil
After the fashion screening, my cousin and I ate lunch at Lusin then went straight ahead to King Faisal Center for the Design conference. There we learned many things and met a lot of new people such as Deborah Draper the director of Veralle '73, Hala Alharthy whom is Cameron and Deborah's stylist, Dalya Fatani and heaps more.
I managed to snap pictures of my favorite looks at the conference as well as my favorite vintage Chanel pieces.




 Cameron Silver | @camerondecades
Vintage Chanel | Decades
Baked Goods | Rabat Manzil
Cameron's and Deborah's Stylist | Hala Alharithy
Feathered Abaya | Dimmy Boutique
Cape Abayas | Nora Alshaikh
Colorful Dallahs | Aura Living

Ayah B

(Contact me if you'd like to request high resolution photos)

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  1. Lovely bags and jewellery, and I absolutelly love the details pictures of the outfits that you took!