April 25, 2014

Life is a Beautiful Sport

At first he seems charmed by the woman and in awe of her, then confused and nervous thinking if he should go for it or not. You can see the stress and hesitation, should he or shouldn’t he make the big leap? Just as he touched her hand, he took the courage to run for it and jump in the life changing opportunity. Will he make it? As he was anxious falling into the unknown hoping she would fall with him too, he finally planted the kiss he desired and risked for. In joy, they both floated in the air with bliss and relief. He did it.

That ladies and gentlemen, was Lacoste’s first advertising film “The Big Leap” from their newest ad campaign “Life is a Beautiful Sport”. Directed by Seb Edwards, the film had a beautiful message behind it. No matter what your goal is, whether it was changing majors, leaving your job to pursue your long life dream, or popping the question, you are most likely to make the big leap.
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